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Can’t wait to finally start reading this! @daniellepaige

Can’t wait to finally start reading this! @daniellepaige

How I Met Your Mother Series Finale Thoughts


  Many of us eagerly anticipated the series finale of this amazing show. I must admit I have not watched it since the beginning. One day browsing on Netflix, HIMYM caught my eye and I fell into a 3 week long binge watch session. Who hasn’t been there right?

  I fell immediately in love with the show. As a lover of the great show Friends, I could see a ton of similarity in this show with a different twist. I loved each of the characters for different reasons and I adored watching them develop and evolve.

 Last night blew that up into a billion pieces. This whole season took place within three days; the weekend of Robin & Barney’s wedding. To have a whole season focused on one wedding and then having said couple divorce within three years is a slap in the face.

We saw Barney, a man obsessed with chasing women and never wanting to settle down evolve to a man who wants marriage and only one woman for the rest of his life. What amazing character development! We were handed this amazing development only to have it snatched away almost immediately!

Robin & Barney divorced after three years because it seemed Robin was more focused on her career (no surprise there) more than her marriage. I mean shouldn’t she have thought of this before said marriage?

So I was majorly disappointed in the way Robin/ Barney played out. I was rooting for them, I think alot of us were! I did enjoy the scene when Barney met his daughter though, I will say that.

The Marshall & Lily storyline I have no problem with. They were the backbone couple of the show, the ones who showed us true love. I loved watching their marriage evolve and Lily will always remain my favorite character. I might be biased though, after all I was a HUGE Buffy fan.

   Ok, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. The Ted & Mother Storyline. For 9 years we have waited for Ted to meet the mother of his children. We got snippets of yellow umbrellas & trinkets & clues but at the end of season 8 we got a face!

 Season 9 we met Tracy and learned about her past and who she was. I fell in love with her immediately. She seemed like a genuine, caring and amazing person. I thought ‘Yes! The mother of Ted’s children! Finally!’. Ted is a lovable, geeky character and we all just wanted him to find his one and now we finally have!

 So Ted & Tracy meet and fall in love and have children. Picture perfect ending right? Nope! Tracy falls ill and eventually dies. I’m not even that mad about that part. As sad and awful as it is, that happens in life. It’s never easy, it’s never not sad and it’s never good.

 Here’s what got me. They brushed over Tracy’s death like nothing. I felt as if they just said, ‘Your mother got sick and died and that’s it’. I wish they would have had shown the funeral. I wish they would have shown Ted sad & depressed. They needed to show us that Ted truly, madly, loved and missed Tracy. I felt they just brushed it off as if it were nothing. As if Tracy was just his wife & the mother of his children and that was it.

We see Ted’s kids tell their father that the story of him meeting their mom hasn’t really been about their mom but more about Robin. They tell him to go after her because that’s who he loves.

Um, what?? I know this end scene was filmed 9 years ago and that this was planned all along but really? To see Ted & Robin both move on and have them marry different people and then put them right back at the start makes no sense.

  Ted and Robin broke up so many moons ago because they wanted different things. Ted wanted to settle down & start a family while Robin wanted to focus on her career. After Ted met his wife & had his children and after Robin focused and finished her career, they return to each other. After both get what they want, then they can finally be together. I mean it’s sounds nice, but I hate it.

 I guess it all boils down to your view on love. I always try to put myself in these types of scenarios and see what I would do. Honestly, if my husband died after 10 years of marriage, I wouldn’t marry again. That’s just me. That was the love of my life and nothing could compare. I wouldn’t even want to either.

Some people believe you can have more than one great love in your life and that’s great but for me?

 This show should have just ended with Ted & Tracy getting married and the last line being ‘And that kids, is how I met your mother’. But hey, that’s just me.

What did you think of the series finale?


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